Why I Write:

A few years ago, a close friend of mine passed away, I felt that that literally pierced my heart, I cried every night for three months. Until one day I thought I should write down how I feel, I wrote it, I read it, then I reread it, it made me feel a lot better, I felt relieved and accepting, and since that moment I realized that writing clears my head, helps me more organized, and releases any compressed feelings I have.

I decided to write in this blog to improve myself, to purify my heart, to remind myself that I could be the best version I could ever be. Also to share it with the world, maybe one day I can inspire someone, put a smile on someones face, maybe just maybe change someones life.

Life in the eyes of a wisdom seeker, may a fairy dust light your world with inspiration!


About Me:

My name is Nada Ibrahim, I am a muslim, a wife, a mother, I reside in Canada, lived in Kuwait and originally from Egypt.

For any questions, concerns, requests:

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