I chose to create this series (Things I like About People I Know) as I have realized, that bitterness towards other people is a main factor in tarnishing and polluting the heart.

I called it things I like about people I know (not the people I like) for a reason, because even those people that I do not like, or find it hard to forgive, have good traits that I might have admired one day, and writing about them may soften the heart and help purify it. Also to appreciate the people you know and like even more and be thankful for having them in your life.

I know it might be hard writing things you like about people that you do not know so well or are irritated from so to ease into it I will start with those I like and gradually every now and then write about those that are hard to admire.


To Be the Future You Acknowledge the Current You

In our subconscious mind we all want to improve ourselves we all want to become better and feel better. We all believe that one day we will become incredible human beings. Our parents wish that for us and they raise us with the expectation that one day we will accomplish what they could not. We tell ourselves everyday that we can be better and we will be better, I guess we sleep better through the night knowing that we will reach that goal one day.

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Count your Blessings and Mom is the Greatest Blessing

I have recently been enlightened with a new light in my life, a joyful, sweet and eternally cute, I have seen a side of me that I have never experienced before, I have learned to put my little ones needs before mine, I have learnt to enjoy how tired I am, I have learnt to give up everything I want to do for everything she wants. All of that I am going through, my mom went 23 years of with me and 33 years in total, the same sacrifice the same unconditional love just in different shapes, and when I gave birth to my little one she was there right next to me tolerating everything I did and helping me out. I am so grateful to my grandmother to have given birth and have raised such an amazing woman. She’s been next to me every step of the way supporting me, helping me, loving me, being my best friend, my everything.

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My Blocked Stressed Brain 


When you have no idea what to write about, you try to squeeze your brain with wise things to say, it is exactly like when someone dies and you are trying to comfort your friend, or when anything bad happens and you have no idea what to say to make it better, you try to squeeze every last bit of your brain to say something appropriate and not sound stupid, but it does not come out and you end up saying something stupid instead.

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Purity and Happiness

Walking around with that carefree lightweight feeling is one of the best feelings in the world, feeling free and happy like you have no care in the world is so wonderful. The thing is we weigh ourselves down with what we carry in our hearts, we carry hatred, anger, jealousy and expectation towards people and thats what weighs us down, our constant thoughts “that we deserve better” fills our heart is what drives us to early stages of depression.

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Head to The Light at the End of This Darkness

Do not dwell on what you do not have, do not look at what you are missing, do not stay hung up on what you lost, do not get stuck in the past that you cannot move forward, the thing is with getting stuck in the past, it is not just a metaphorical cliche, it is true, you keep wasting all your thoughts on what used to be and what could have been and you forget what you can be, and time goes by, and those who love you try to please you and you are never satisfied, you are just stuck. You are stuck and your energy every day is being wasted being stuck, not in today but in yesterday, and that is the easiest way to burn your life away.

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Easy or Not So Hard- Take Action!

In my grade 5  computer class, we were learning programming with a program that had a turtle that drew our commands, so we had to write clear commands for the turtle otherwise as our teacher used to say “the turtle is as lazy as humans he will take the shortest/easiest way”. Back then I was very young and energetic,I kept thinking that humans are not lazy, I kept thinking “I do not like to take shortcuts!”. The older I got the more I realized that it is true, we are lazy by nature, we generally tend not to put an effort if we do not need to.

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