Count your Blessings and Mom is the Greatest Blessing

I have recently been enlightened with a new light in my life, a joyful, sweet and eternally cute, I have seen a side of me that I have never experienced before, I have learned to put my little ones needs before mine, I have learnt to enjoy how tired I am, I have learnt to give up everything I want to do for everything she wants. All of that I am going through, my mom went 23 years of with me and 33 years in total, the same sacrifice the same unconditional love just in different shapes, and when I gave birth to my little one she was there right next to me tolerating everything I did and helping me out. I am so grateful to my grandmother to have given birth and have raised such an amazing woman. She’s been next to me every step of the way supporting me, helping me, loving me, being my best friend, my everything.

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