Be a Motivated Happy Person

For the past month or so I have been positively overwhelmed with wonderful guests; my amazing parents and my beautiful mother in law. Even though I intended to constantly write and post but well, I have been joyously busy. Which brings me to what I want to write about, surprisingly it is something I just realized today, just today, which is that even when everything is going perfectly and you are happy you still need motivation, more so than when you are bored and lazy.

When you are bored, upset or lazy you need to be motivated to accomplish something to be happy and satisfied, when you are happy however, you are already happy you do not need to be motivated to be motivated to accomplish something to be satisfied, which is the worst way to get off track. No matter what your goal is, you cannot be blind sighted by temporary happiness, you need to keep your eyes on the prize, being happy is good, but it is the ultimate goal we are after, the lasting happiness and satisfaction, short term happiness should not derail you from the ultimate goal of becoming better.

What I have realized is that being a happy motivated person is more effective than a motivated sad person, because happiness can fire up the passion in your heart, but do not let happiness stop you because when this jolly moment ends you are still there, stuck, still the you that you want to improve, except less motivated and less driven.


True Love Comes From the Heart of a Parent

Parents are the source of all that is joyful, all that is beautiful, all that is warm, all that is filled with love. No matter who the parent is they are always a source of something incredible and something essential; comfort, safety, security, therapy, any kind of help and so much more. After becoming a parent myself I have tasted a new kind of sacrifice, maybe sacrifice is not the right word for it, it is giving all you got and completely surrendering, without a second of doubt and with total and complete happiness.

I have recently been blessed with the pleasure of being around many parents, my husbands, my own and several others. I have noticed that their generosity in giving extends and spreads to all those around them. It is such an ecstatic feeling when you are around such an everlasting warmth of a parent. 

There are no words that can be written nor spoken that can fulfill the blessing of having a parent, no matter how old you are, how independent or how strong, ,a parent will always be your soft spot, because they are the most precious and beautiful thing any living human or animal has. Do not let pride, greed or high expectations get in the way of your appreciation.

If your parents or a parent is around, be kind to them, appreciate them, be patient and be courteous, after all they went so far for you, literally and metaphorically, since the moment you were born they sacrificed so much for you the simplest of them is their heart and soul.

Take Charge to Happiness

We usually blame everything around us for the crap that happens to us, we constantly complain about how we hate our jobs, school, environment, the place we live in, our surroundings, anything or everything else. I know that because I did that, people and the circumstances around us may be horrible, we may be treated in the worst way possible and we might be in the roughest circumstances imagined, never the less there is always a way to get out of all the horrible in our lives.

All we need is to take charge. Take charge of your life, if you are being undermined, work harder to improve and prove yourself. You hate where you are then figure out something you love and do it until you can leave. You do not like the people around you, well they are not all bad, just find one person and stick to them. You hate your school, well everything comes to an end. You hate your job, either find another one or find a way to make it better.

I have been in all these situations and I still am in some, I keep blaming it on every single thing that I can think of, and yes they might be truly horrible and those things might be true, but we have to take charge. I remember when i was younger my brother used to always tell me that if you blame everything around you it does not prove that everything is bad it just proves that you are weak, and my God did I hate it when he said it, but nonetheless it was true.

Unless we enjoy being sad or addicted to feeling like a victim (which means we probably need therapy), then we need to do whatever it takes to be happy, take charge of your life don’t let people and circumstances dictate who you are and what you do, develop a thicker skin and upgrade yourself, let your self-actualization come from within and start being happy.

Ignite That Passion

In our low points in life it is a blessing to be able to dream and hope for those dreams to come true, it is an incredible feeling when you talk to someone or even think about how and who you want to be and what you want to do, just imaging that perfect picture ignites the passion inside, it motivates and makes you sleep at night with a million plans that would change your life.

Reaching a peek in an emotion like excitement can motivate you for a certain amount of time, it is up to you to keep the fire going. Knowing that one day you will reach that perfect image, that wonderful picture, because day after day you are heading towards it, day after day you are working for it, that is just phenomenal.

Before I started writing this article, I was chatting with my husband about how cluttered my brain has been and how I wanted to reorganize that brain of mine and improve my lifestyle, that created this magnificent and fascinating image in my head which sparked a spark of total and absolute excitement in my heart.

The thing is, having a dream becomes a nutritional source of happiness and motivation, and taking steps towards that dream nourishes our life making it not only tolerable but enjoyable, not only livable but exciting. Just imagine yourself walking down the street imagining the day you are exactly where you want to be, without noticing you will have a huge contagious smile on your face, It is a positive way of life, it is a delightful, enjoyable and dazzling.

Purity and Happiness

Walking around with that carefree lightweight feeling is one of the best feelings in the world, feeling free and happy like you have no care in the world is so wonderful. The thing is we weigh ourselves down with what we carry in our hearts, we carry hatred, anger, jealousy and expectation towards people and thats what weighs us down, our constant thoughts “that we deserve better” fills our heart is what drives us to early stages of depression.

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