Take Charge to Happiness

We usually blame everything around us for the crap that happens to us, we constantly complain about how we hate our jobs, school, environment, the place we live in, our surroundings, anything or everything else. I know that because I did that, people and the circumstances around us may be horrible, we may be treated in the worst way possible and we might be in the roughest circumstances imagined, never the less there is always a way to get out of all the horrible in our lives.

All we need is to take charge. Take charge of your life, if you are being undermined, work harder to improve and prove yourself. You hate where you are then figure out something you love and do it until you can leave. You do not like the people around you, well they are not all bad, just find one person and stick to them. You hate your school, well everything comes to an end. You hate your job, either find another one or find a way to make it better.

I have been in all these situations and I still am in some, I keep blaming it on every single thing that I can think of, and yes they might be truly horrible and those things might be true, but we have to take charge. I remember when i was younger my brother used to always tell me that if you blame everything around you it does not prove that everything is bad it just proves that you are weak, and my God did I hate it when he said it, but nonetheless it was true.

Unless we enjoy being sad or addicted to feeling like a victim (which means we probably need therapy), then we need to do whatever it takes to be happy, take charge of your life don’t let people and circumstances dictate who you are and what you do, develop a thicker skin and upgrade yourself, let your self-actualization come from within and start being happy.

Ignite That Passion

In our low points in life it is a blessing to be able to dream and hope for those dreams to come true, it is an incredible feeling when you talk to someone or even think about how and who you want to be and what you want to do, just imaging that perfect picture ignites the passion inside, it motivates and makes you sleep at night with a million plans that would change your life.

Reaching a peek in an emotion like excitement can motivate you for a certain amount of time, it is up to you to keep the fire going. Knowing that one day you will reach that perfect image, that wonderful picture, because day after day you are heading towards it, day after day you are working for it, that is just phenomenal.

Before I started writing this article, I was chatting with my husband about how cluttered my brain has been and how I wanted to reorganize that brain of mine and improve my lifestyle, that created this magnificent and fascinating image in my head which sparked a spark of total and absolute excitement in my heart.

The thing is, having a dream becomes a nutritional source of happiness and motivation, and taking steps towards that dream nourishes our life making it not only tolerable but enjoyable, not only livable but exciting. Just imagine yourself walking down the street imagining the day you are exactly where you want to be, without noticing you will have a huge contagious smile on your face, It is a positive way of life, it is a delightful, enjoyable and dazzling.

To Be the Future You Acknowledge the Current You

In our subconscious mind we all want to improve ourselves we all want to become better and feel better. We all believe that one day we will become incredible human beings. Our parents wish that for us and they raise us with the expectation that one day we will accomplish what they could not. We tell ourselves everyday that we can be better and we will be better, I guess we sleep better through the night knowing that we will reach that goal one day.

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Head to The Light at the End of This Darkness

Do not dwell on what you do not have, do not look at what you are missing, do not stay hung up on what you lost, do not get stuck in the past that you cannot move forward, the thing is with getting stuck in the past, it is not just a metaphorical cliche, it is true, you keep wasting all your thoughts on what used to be and what could have been and you forget what you can be, and time goes by, and those who love you try to please you and you are never satisfied, you are just stuck. You are stuck and your energy every day is being wasted being stuck, not in today but in yesterday, and that is the easiest way to burn your life away.

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Murdered By Life then Revived Stronger

The more you live in this world, the more you learn. By living I do not mean the number of years you live, I mean the more you put yourself out there with your hands wide open embracing the bullets of unpleasant events that life shoots at you. You learn things that you would have never wanted to learn, you change and you learn, whatever the lesson is, wether it is strength, learning to trust people, the importance of positivity, faith.. etc. It changes the way you think, the way you act with people, your perspectives, your believes basically it changes who you are.

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