Thanks for Making A Difference

The other day I was at the mall having lunch with my family, I usually have my baby’s stroller next to the table and  give my baby something to play with while I eat, people usually come and comment on how cute the baby is. So that day I was sitting waiting for everyone to finish eating so we can finish our shopping, I see a guy  from far away limping with a walking aid, approaching the stroller, he appeared to have some kind of down syndrome, so naturally with my mother instinct I got worried, then I see that he left his walking aid and pushed the stroller aside, and he said something I was not able to understand. I was trying to assume the best and not over react, as I try my best to be kind to all those around me and not cause a seen. So after he pushed the stroller he knelt down to the ground and picked up my baby’s pack of Heinz that I have given her earlier to play with, he picked it up thanked me and even gave me a sticker that said “ Thank you for making a difference in our community” he also asked me to stick it right away on the stroller.

He left me baffled, surprised, embarrassed and captivated by the kindness and purity of this mans heart, I wanted to run after him and thank him for making a difference in the community and tell him if the world had more people like him not me the world would be a much much better place. It is such an exquisite thing to meet people like him, someone who was probably constantly judged and mistreated to be so kind and courteous. Until this day, more than a week later I am still in awe because of that mans action.

Wouldn’t you want to be a person that has an impact like that on people, wouldn’t you want to be an inspiring person that captivates peoples hearts silently with just a simple act of kindness. Wouldn’t you want to live in a world where everyone cares about each other, kind to one another and hearts that are purified with no resentments. It is a wonderful world that he is in, it is a wonderful world because people like him exist.

The Gracious N

I have known N for 13 years now, year after year my admiration for her increases, I guess I can say that she inspires a lot of my writing not because she’s my friend but because her heart and her character are pure, it just exemplifies the perfect nature of a kind forgiving nonjudgmental person that is full of graciousness and  humility. It all started when I was 10 and when everyone bullied me, she became my friend. Despite what everyone thought she gave me a chance, I don’t think she knows or remembers this, but I remember that I would over hear her friends say that she would tell them to give me a chance and be nice to me even though they told her that they did not like me.

I am writing about N because I am eternally grateful and appreciative for who she is and how she is. I have never heard or seen anyone like her before. For as long as I have known her, we were 10 at the time, she never judged anyone, she never made the people around her feel beneath her, or bad about anything. She would make everyone feel that they are the closest person to her, she would put the greatest effort to stay in touch and no matter how far away you are and how long you have not talked, once you reconnect it is as if no time has lapsed and no distance has been travelled.

You see, nothing can tarnish a pure heart that is guarded with graciousness. She excuses people, accepts their differences, has an eye only for their good side, she’s apologetic when she feels she did something wrong (which almost never happens) and  is extremely respectful.

To N, thank you for what you have done to me, your beautiful heart inspires me, may all the people have hearts like yours and may all the parents raise their kids like yours did you.

Purity and Happiness

Walking around with that carefree lightweight feeling is one of the best feelings in the world, feeling free and happy like you have no care in the world is so wonderful. The thing is we weigh ourselves down with what we carry in our hearts, we carry hatred, anger, jealousy and expectation towards people and thats what weighs us down, our constant thoughts “that we deserve better” fills our heart is what drives us to early stages of depression.

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